The Poverty Plan

Grover Norquist is right about the need for lower taxes for the rich, more high-tech immigration, and less entitlement spending. Grover Norquist gets 70,000 signatures on no-tax pledge at Burning Man in exchange for one joint. Burning Man is where the educated and well connected go to petition for lower taxes and less regulation, with the help of Grover Norquist. The tech millionaires and billionaires attending Burning Man agree that Obama wants to spread wealth, instead of creating it, by soaking the most creative and productive members of society. Norquist’s pledge to reduce taxes for the rich to zero is considered pretty hip online, because millions of people agree taxes on the rich are too high, and Mr. Norquist is pretty cool and hip himself. Sometimes, in a free market, you need to privatize the profits and socialize the losses; pick winners and losers. The rich get richer because they deserve it for being smarter and better than everyone else. This is a truism that is popular online, where being rich & smart is considered to be the most important thing in the world.

Like the abortion plan, if we want long-term solutions to reduce crime and poverty, we need programs in place to prevent/discourage the reproduction of individuals that are a drain on society, instead of wasting more tax payer dollars on them. As shown below, America isn’t at risk of defaulting due to the insatiable demand for near-zero yielding US debt, but that doesn’t mean we should let entitlement spending for unproductive individuals spiral out of control. We shouldn’t feel empathy for the poor, in the same way we don’t empathize with with rodents and other pests. The poor need to be dealt with as such. Of course, not all poor are the same. Some are redeemable, but most aren’t, the victim of bad genes for which no government program can reverse. When they procreate, these genes that are major contributing factor for criminality, low IQ, and government dependence are spread, compounding the problem.

Our poverty plan is means tested not just by employment and net worth, but by IQ. Applicants that demonstrate exceptional intelligence as indicated by a high IQ score or commensurate score on suitable proxy such as the SAT and GRE or by obtaining a sufficiently advanced degree will be eligible for a basic income, with very few preconditions. Such individuals would even be eligible to keep their basic income if they have other incomes. This is because high-IQ individuals have more potential to create economic value than individuals with low IQs, and the basic income would have a higher ROI for tax payers than if it were given to low-IQ individuals.

Everyone else that wants to be eligible for benefits must undergo sterilization if they have children or otherwise agree to birth control and surveillance. Violations would be punishable by the revocation of benefits and possible jail time. Unlike the benefits for high-IQ individuals, these benefits would be just enough for sustenance and no more; employment terminates benefits.

As even more evidence we’re in a smartist era where the intellectuals or cognitive elite will inherit the earth, this discussion on Reddit about Cambodian high school cheating got a staggering 350 comments in just five hours, well before the likes of iSteve or any other blogger got to it. What makes the smartest generation special, as opposed to any earlier generation, is how well-informed they are and how they don’t regurgitate the worn, trite arguments used by the less-informed babyboomer and gen x liberals. The smartest generation values critical thinking and circuitous reasoning, as opposed to banal bumper-sticker mantras and incantations. Deprived of the rigorousness of the contemporary American public education and the world wide web, if you posed such a discussion to the babyboomers when they were in their 20’s the vast majority would be oblivious. The ‘old left’, including the babyboomers, often complain about this generation, the millennials, being uneducated, but it’s actually their generation that is less educated. One of the most up-voted comments gave a harsh indictment against the Khmer Rouge, blaming it for Cambodia falling behind.

The Khmer Rouge killed 1.7 million people, including just about all of the educated ones, and left the country in ruins. Even though they were ousted in 1979, the country was in civil war until the 90s. It has come a long way in the last 20 years, but has to come back from nothing while being plagued by corruption and poverty.

So much for the liberal bias. The smarter you get, the more you learn, and the more critical of liberalism you become. Liberalism gains power through the ignorance and malleability of its subjects; ignorance fosters liberalism.