The News Cycle and Why Social Networking Threatens the Liberal Media

We’re still in an insufferably slow news cycle, with the biggest stories of the past year being Russia invading Crimea, which occurred six months ago, and America narrowly avoiding default on its debt back on October 2013. Ukraine and Isis, while important, are ongoing and aren’t the kind of breaking news that holds the country in suspense and fosters debate and discussion among average people. The only folks discussing the Middle East and Russian politics are pundits; everyone else is too busy with stuff that is more important, like watching TV. This is one reason why stocks have done so well. As the left looks for any hint of crisis to blow out of proportion, consumers -both in American and overseas- are still consuming. Profits and earnings keep being blowout quarter after quarter. Inflation and interest rates not budging. Smart people keep innovating, making billions in the process as valuations for companies like Uber and Snapchat explode. You have the micromanaged world of blogging politics where every hiccup is breaking news and then you have the rest of the world – people who don’t care about soporific news cycle and would rather go do something fun and productive. This is a form of rational ignorance, because we as individuals have no effect on the outcome of anything that is going on.

Perhaps one reason the news cycle is so sanguine is because we’re in a plateau of permanent prosperity and peace. The class wars and economic crisis the left sought never came. Many of us are oblivious to how good things are right now both economically and technologically, because in an effort to fan the flames of crisis, the liberal media is more interested in telling the story or narrative that it wants to hear, rather than reporting the truth. Subsequently, millions of people are mislead and would be better off ignoring the news altogether, because now their minds are full of fear and propaganda. Steven Pinker is right about the world becoming more peaceful, but you wouldn’t knowing it reading about the latest crisis the news.

The good news is sites like Reddit, Buzzfeed and 4chan that have the most intelligent and incisive contributors on the internet are exposing the lies of liberal media. For example, there is this story from about how the National Guard are turning to food banks because Rick Perry hasn’t paid them yet.

The story was promptly debunked on Reddit:

Typical false reporting by a so-called “journalist.”

According to the Austin Statesman, a NG coordinator called the food bank to inquire what they had available, just in case. 50 people in the deployment are on the list of people in need, but none of the 50 had visited the food bank as of yesterday.

For your edification, National Guardsman are provided a single meal while on duty PLUS $32 per diem for the other 2 meals.

TL;DR – Political nonsense. Story writer told a story.

They’re 100’s of examples like this and it’s more evidence America, in particular the smartest generation, is becoming smarter and more conservative. If the liberal media is going to try to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people, it won’t work online, or any medium that allows engagement. By spreading FUD about privacy and the NSA to scare people from using social media sties, it’s evident left hates Facebook and other social media because it’s exposing their lies.