America at the national level never was, never has been and never will be a direct democracy. Even propositions are often overturned by judges. America is a republic in that people vote for electors to represent their wants and needs, who then in turn represent and serve the elite, which is actually how things should be, because the elite are often economic stake holders who have a financial interest in the country succeeding, while most people are low information voters who will just vote to enlarge the welfare state for their own personal benefit. More money in politics and less voting means better policy, even if such policy is unpopular with the masses. That has especially characterized national politics since the 80’s in that your vote doesn’t matter, but it’s for your own good that it doesn’t. Voting should be restricted to only property owners and tax payers, like before the Civil War when states were allowed to create their own voting laws. Eligibility should also be granted to individuals that have an IQ above a certain threshold and or a degree or profession deemed valuable, regardless of income or net worth.

Like the ‘right to vote’, the left also believes that every American has a ‘right to work’, a position which has also unfortunately been adopted by factions of the right as part of the post-2008 neocon backlash. Liberals and some republicans gripe about how there are not enough jobs being created, spreading lies borne of ignorance that the low labor force participation is bad for the economy when, in fact, Wall St. wants fewer jobs, and the economy is better off with more productivity at the expense of redundant, overpaid, useless jobs. Unlike republicans, the left opposes technology that will improve living standards and America’s competitiveness if it will put people out of work.

Just like we don’t have democracy, we also have an illusion of free will, in as far as social mobility is concerned. Considering the large and growing role IQ plays in society from wages to crime and entitlement spending, biological determinism can’t just relegated to the far-fetched worlds of science fiction, it’s reality. This is why we’re in the smartist era. Intellectualism is everywhere and more prized than ever, because smart people keep making all the money in this economic boom through stocks, high salaries, venture capitalism, private equity, on Wall St., etc. In a leftist world of political correctness by vapid talking heads and subservient politicians, intellectualism is where the smartest generation finds the truth, whether it’s the universities, on the trading floor, in the free market, on Reddit and 4chan. Welfare liberals are on the NYT and Huffingtonpost, clinging to their obsolete, dying world views. They want America to regress to a time when there were more overpaid jobs and IQ was less important. They call themselves progressives, yet they resist technological and economic progress because it will cost jobs and lower real wages, even if such progress is how America becomes a better nation than the rest of the world. Here’s an example where we need the best minds in America to find a solution:

Fortune Magazine – a pragmatic, pro-capitalist and pro-technology publication – poses an HBD related question, if driverless cars save lives, where will we get organs?

Liberals are squeamish at the idea that not all born life is sacred. Some solutions brought up during the discussion are artificial organs and stem cells. Organ harvesting from non-brain dead individuals and non-sentient individuals conceived for the purpose of providing organs are more controversial solutions doable with existing technology. Instead of the policy we have today where anyone needing an organ is eligible, another option is to restrict eligibility only to individuals that are deemed worthy enough by some set of criteria such as IQ, importance or net worth. Also, it’s guaranteed some driverless cars will glitch and there will be organs from that, but nowhere near as many today’s bad drivers and their victims already provide.