Conservative Minimalism

The ice bucket challenge is perhaps the best argument yet against democracy. Just think some of these people can vote and may even be driving. A person who partakes in the ice bucket challenge probably has the mental impairment of someone who is intoxicated or on drugs, except it’s permanent.

As stocks keep going up and interest rates never go up again, the celebration of wealth and intelligence has become the new religion of America, but one group, the conservative hipsters, are leery of the wealth part.

On the online magazines and podcasts, we’re seeing the meteoric rise of the conservative hipster – a conservative that lives a liberal lifestyle of minimalism, with a street-wise ruggedness and an emphasis on personal self-sustainability. Examples of conservative hipsters include Gavin McInnes, Jim Goud and Aaron Clarey. Because conservative hipsters disavow materialism and live an unconventional, peripatetic lifestyle, they can forge friendships and mutual respect among some liberals that mainstream conservatives are unable to do. Because these hipster conservatives are fiercely independent and opinionated, conventional employment can be difficult; consequently, they often find themselves jumping from one gig to the next, with lots of writing to kill the time. Others may have had success at a professional line of work and decided, out of boredom or frustration with the establishment, to voluntarily downgrade their lifestyle to preach conservative minimalism. To be able to resist the temptation of materialistic wealth in pursuit of intellectual endeavors greatly adds to your credibility among the smartest generation and society, in general. Closely related to the paleoconservative.