Cosmopolitanism elite losing power? Hardly

From Quillette The Poverty of Cosmopolitan Historicism: Cosmopolitanism hasn’t been confined to the academic ivory tower, however, but has exercised considerable influence in key policymaking circles as well. A year after the Berlin Wall fell, George H.W. Bush declared to the United Nations that he envisioned “a world of open borders, open trade and, most… Continue reading Cosmopolitanism elite losing power? Hardly

there is an underlying reason for everything that happens

People who are really smart can still fall prey to even the most obvious, in retrospect, cognitive biases and blind spots. That is the difference between someone who understands how things work and applies rationalism, and someone who doesn’t. But one doesn’t need to understand everything either. Why does Bitcoin keep going up? Who knows,… Continue reading there is an underlying reason for everything that happens

Twitter purge 2.0

Now Roger Stone is gone ROGER STONE, BANNED FROM TWITTER, VOWS TO SUE IT INTO OBLIVION, which shows being a major public figure who has documentaries, bestselling books, and even close ties with the President, won’t make you immune. And also Baked ‘Macho Man’ Alaska is gone too. But apparently Wil Wheaton calling House Speaker… Continue reading Twitter purge 2.0

How High-IQ Millennials Make Money

Among boomers and even gen-x, the correlation between wealth and IQ isn’t very strong, or at least it isn’t nearly as strong as it is with millennials and gen-z. There are plenty of rich medium and low-IQ boomers–often blue collar entrepreneurs, pensioners, real estate owners and developers, or those who simply saved and invested money.… Continue reading How High-IQ Millennials Make Money

There are always at least two possibilities

Aside from sex scandals and the occasional shoot-up, the news cycle has been tumbleweeds for much of 2017. The gaps between Trump administration events and progress are wide, and successes and far and few between. The U.S. Yield Curve Is Flattening and Here’s Why It Matters Bond Investors Are Stock Investors’ Latest Concern Many on… Continue reading There are always at least two possibilities

The Overblown ‘Retail Apocalypse’

This article for some reason went hugely viral a few weeks ago: America’s ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Is Really Just Beginning – Bloomberg The virality, I suspect, is due to some sort of nostalgic fondness for retail stores, even though Amazon offers a superior retail experience in every regard. Rather than a retail apocalypse, in agreement with… Continue reading The Overblown ‘Retail Apocalypse’

Dumbing-down & policy

Over the years, despite being on the ‘right’ and a proponent of HBD and HBD-based policy myself, I’ve contested the belief commonly held by many on the alt-right and even some on the rationalist-left that America is ‘dumbing down’: Evidence America is not (yet) dumbing-down America’s Intellectual Renaissance Cambrian explosion’ of intellectualism Is America Really… Continue reading Dumbing-down & policy

How to Predict, part infinity

A question is, how do you know this. The answer is, how can you not when it’s laid bare. MIT math courses are hard. This stuff, by comparison, is not. Related: A systems-based approach to rationalism “Simple Systems” It’s easier to predict things where a lot of capital is at stake, but social predictions are… Continue reading How to Predict, part infinity