More Taleb Tweets

I wonder if him constantly shilling Mathematica has anything to do with this. I wonder how much Taleb is being paid to constantly shill Mathematica.

So the left’s logic is, for Measles, Polio, and other childhood diseases, vaccines confer full immunity, but for Covid, it’s only to lessen the symptoms and reduce death rates (because the vaccines evidently do not stop the spread). Nice goalpost moving.

Taleb has wannabe billionaire syndrome. He subscribes to the belief that by trying to emulate billionaires and kissing up to them, he can become one instead of just having millions. Taleb has to confront the reality that no matter how much he tries to shill for the super-wealthy he will never be super-wealthy himself.

The argument falls on its face completely, and in the comments people tear it apart. There is a huge difference between top 10% , versus the likes of Bezos and Musk. Michael Harris and Taleb not seeing the difference is just pure intellectual dishonesty.

As discussed in the article On the Permanent Ascendance of Elites, the trend is that once someone becomes ultra-wealthy (such as having tens of billions of dollars) they tend to stay there: since 2008 there have been few instances of ultra-wealthy people losing their wealth, especially not in tech and retail. The Forbes 40 has been the same forever: Buffett, Gates, Waltons, etc. for years. The only reason someone drops off is when they die, such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, the Google founders and its CEO, etc. will stay on the top 10-20, I predict, for a long time, perhaps until they die. Large technology companies take advantage of economies of scale, network effects, moats, and other factors that makes them seemingly impervious to market forces and economic cycles, hence why rich people in tech stay rich, unlike other industries.