Higher level thinking

People hold up this guy up as some sort of paragon of genius, hut here is a tweet I pulled at random:

Large corps end up destroying themselves (life expec. <10 y in SP500).

The S&P 500, as the name implies, in an index of 500 companies. A company may be ejected from the index, not due to failure, but because it’s simply not big enough to remain listed. Also, many companies eventually end up being acquired, as the person below notes:

But one cannot question the ‘great tooleb’ without being blocked, which is how he ‘wins’ his arguments.

Taleb is still ranting about Monstanto and Saudi Arabia. Yet he ignores that the 2011 Libyan Civil War lead to 20,000 deaths, and such war persists to this day due to unresolved issues in forming the new government after the 2011 killing of Ghadafi. Taleb fails to grasp that low-IQ, r-selected populations need strong leadership and rule of law, or else everything falls into disarray as we saw with Libya and Iraq. Due to high time preference and other factors, low-IQ populations cannot emulate Western-style republics. A single dead journalist pales in comparison to the death toll of decades-long civil war and sectarian violence. How anyone takes him seriously is beyond me.