The Daily View 6/16/2019

The news cycle is pretty lethargic lately. Barring any new developments in Iran, it’s gonna get even slower. Don’t expect much from Trump until 2020. Unlike economic forecasts, which by comparison are easy, predicting if the US will go to war with Iran is a coin toss. The reason why the odds are not lower… Continue reading The Daily View 6/16/2019

Milo’s bid for relevance

I’m sure many have seen the piece in which Milo exposes Lauren Southern, So this is what Milo has been working on for presumably the past few months when not groveling for attention by appearing with Jordan Peterson, of all people. You can tell just how desperate Milo is, because just a year ago he… Continue reading Milo’s bid for relevance

The ’90s and now, part 8

But also subversivness plays a role, related to the “weird twitter” phenomenon discussed above, and 4chan ‘meme’ culture. Older people don’t get the jokes, but rather take them literally, and by being outraged, spread the memes to those who who understand. Or the memes can actually affect public discourse. 4chan users can change society, not… Continue reading The ’90s and now, part 8

Vox Media is probably not going away

I’m sure everyone is aware of the recent YouTube demonetization controversy. Although YouTube has been censoring, terminating, and demonetizing right-wing channels for a long time, YouTube’s practices recently made headlines all over the world after Vox journalist Carlos Maza (@gaywonk) demanded that YouTube disable Steven Crowder’s channel for purportedly making anti-gay and anti-Hispanic slurs, but… Continue reading Vox Media is probably not going away

A deterministic world

There are two conflicting outlooks/views of the state of world, which includes economics and politics: those who see a future of increasing instability and uncertainty, and those such as myself, and Steven Pinker, and others, who envision a future that is increasingly deterministic, peaceful, and uneventful. I discuss this in further detail in the posts… Continue reading A deterministic world

The ’90s and now, part 7

But not only has the internet gotten smarter, with more fact-checking than ever, more content than ever, and more interest than ever in niche topics, but so has the state of journalism. ’90s era journalism was dominated by opinion columns and overtly partisan websites, pundits, and publications such as Drudge Report, National Review, Thomas Sowell,… Continue reading The ’90s and now, part 7

The IQ Decline, Part 2

Saw this article going viral IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn’t bode well for humanity. And a related video by Stefan Molyneux: As Stefan notes, I was surprised this was published by NBC News, a mainstream news source. This is further evidence of HBD going mainstream. So if IQ scores… Continue reading The IQ Decline, Part 2