Milo’s bid for relevance

I’m sure many have seen the piece in which Milo exposes Lauren Southern, So this is what Milo has been working on for presumably the past few months when not groveling for attention by appearing with Jordan Peterson, of all people. You can tell just how desperate Milo is, because just a year ago he wrote the forward to Vox Day’s book Jordanetics, which trashes Dr. Peterson, and now having lost his remaining social media accounts, those being Facebook and Instagram, he needs to borrow from Dr. Peterson’s large audience to remind people that he still exists, and at least in own mind, is still important.

If you’ve ever donated to Tommy Robinson, the British free speech and anti-Islamist activist dubbed the “backbone” of Britain by Steve Bannon, there’s a fair chance your money didn’t end up paying for his tour bus or security guards, but was instead diverted to pay for champagne-fueled gay soirées in some of London’s most expensive zip codes. The culprits? A homosexual couple who produced both of Lauren Southern’s documentary films, and who last month released their own movie, You Can’t Watch This, about free speech.

Gay film producers and money wasted? No way. As everyone knows, the film industry is very inhospitable to gays and only attracts people of the most upstanding moral character. If you donate money for a film or documentary, don’t be surprised if half your donation goes for drugs, and half of what’s left goes for dining, and maybe only 10-25 percent of the original money is spent on actual film work.

For Milo, this work is semi-autobiographical, but he creates a false equivalence between his own proliferate spending and squandering of donation money, with that of Lauren Southern. Lauren’s backers still got a couple of cool documentaries out of it that help advance right-wing causes, even if a lot of the money was wasted or and even an elaborate ruse that Lauren herself may have been a part of.

By contrast, all Milo has to show for his donations are wardrobes, a mediocre website, a scholarship fund that optimistically was grossly misappropriated and at worst a fraud, and canceled tour and speaking dates. It’s not like, ethically, Milo has a leg to stand on, and he is trying to bring down the very groups that propped him up in 2015-2017, now that the political and online pundit climate has changed, as evidenced by the post-Trump rise of the IDW, to one that favors moderation and centrism. Really, all this article is is an attempt by Milo to reclaim some of the relevance of this glory days, but it won’t work.

Again, this is not to defend Ms. Southern. I wrote about the right’s bimbo epidemic over a year ago. All they do is repackage smarter people’s ideas for money, only to defect, sometimes in a very public and visible manner as in the case of Katie McHugh (or more subversively as Lauren Southern may have done), when the movement no longer gives them the emotional validation they seek. Most people are not surprised by her behavior, as someone on Reddit writes:

The Lauren Southern thing isn’t remotely surprising. Classic Tradthot. Pretty young woman talking about the critical importance of the nuclear family, while steadfastly refusing to get married and have children, instead choosing to jetset around the world. It’s just right wing virtue signalling. Fun fact guys, the real traditional girls aren’t making edgelord youtube videos while showing cleavage…you’re just falling for a different iteration of the classic booby streamer…its just instead of collecting donations pretending to enjoy your favorite games, she’s collecting donations while espousing your political beliefs.

It’s funny how on social media and on Reddit, the most common pro-Milo response is that his critics have ‘not read the article,’ but at over 20,000 words I think one can be forgiven for having not. It would be more helpful if they could cite the specific passages, beyond the ones we’re all aware about, unless they too didn’t read the article in its entirety, which given its unforgiving length and inconsequential topic matter, would not surprise me.