Media wrong about GameStop, Tesla,

GameStop stock is above $180 on news of a stock split.

It looks like I was right yet again when last year I predicted that GameStop’s gains would hold, when the media was overwhelmingly pessimistic and calling it a bubble.

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The GameStop Bubble Is a Lesson in the Absurdity and Uselessness of the Stock Market

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I don’t own GameStop, but my prediction was that GameStop stock would not crash back to its pre-2021 levels as everyone in the media said would happen. Doing the opposite of the media consensus is a good way to make money. This happens over and over: the media is certain something bad will happen, and either it does not happen or it’s not nearly as bad as feared, like with Covid, Trump, or Putin:

Everyone in 2016-2017 thought Trump would destabilize world peace, yet the Ukraine-Russia war occurred under Biden’s watch. As we see with GameStop and Tesla, the liberal media isn’t just wrong about politics, it’s wrong about pretty much everything.

Tesla stock continues to surge on news of a stock spilt, as I predicted it would for years. I still think Tesla will be worth $10 trillion soon.

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