How Taleb Uses Twitter

Taleb “Jack, I have a request.”

Jack “Sure.”

“I want you to block everyone for me on my behalf.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to have your programmers preemptively block everyone on Twitter for me…I cannot block everyone myself.”

“But then the site won’t work.”

“I will go through each account individually and determine if they are worthy of the privilege of reading my tweets.”


“I am anti fragile, after all. What better way to demonstrate not being emotionally fragile but to block everyone.”

“Our programmers got me back me…apparently you already blocked 98% of all users in 2020 during the Covid pandemic…anyone who not only opposed wearing masks but even thought about it or even spoke to someone who thought about not wearing a mask…so pretty much the entire site. I will work on getting the remaining users blocked.”

“Good…now I got some weightlifting to do. I am on Starting Strength and I am trying to get my bench press up to 100 lbs. After that I have some Mathematica PDFs to prepare.”

*Mr. Dorsey goes to Twitter and checks Taleb’s account @nntaleb to see how progress is going* You are blocked from following @nntaleb and viewing @nntaleb’s tweets. Learn More.