Taylor Hawkins dies

Vox Day blames Taylor Hawkins’ sudden death on the Covid Vaccine:

I suspect there are going to be a lot of deaths attributed to overdoses and other factors that are actually the result of a heart weakened by the Covid vaccinations. Given the unreliability of the medical community, the only reliable statistic will be the sheer number of all-cause deaths, as that’s the one thing that can’t be easily hidden or redefined.

Yes, because no rock musician has ever died early. Rock stars are exemplars of longevity evidently. I used to be a frequent reader of Vox Day, and still check from time to time, but quality has declined since he went down the Q-hole around 2018 or so. Recent events have mentally broken a lot of otherwise smart people.

The cause of death, most likely drugs:

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins had opioids, marijuana and other drugs in his system before he died, Colombian investigators say. A toxicology report showed traces of 10 substances in his body, including anti-depressants.

It’s possible the Covid vaccine contributed to his death (assuming he even had the vaccine, which we don’t know), but it’s much more probable he overdosed.

Just for the record, I never said the vaccines would cause significant premature death. I don’t think they do. Rather, my complaint has always been that the media vastly overstated vaccine effectiveness at containing Covid. The initial claim, in late 2020 or so, was that a single dose would stop Covid by slowing the rate of transmission enough to make the crucial ‘r_o’ fall below a certain threshold, but now multiple dosses and boosters are being mandated, and some countries have seen cases surge even while fully vaccinated. Flattening the curve has gone out the window…no one talks about it anymore. The idea has obviously been discredited. Nothing–masks, vaccines, distancing, shutdowns, etc.- has been proven to contain Covid.

Just as how identity politics has hijacked the left in an unproductive direction, the right has been hijacked by its own flavor of superstations and diversions.