The Daily View 1/19/20

Joe Biden will soon be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. There was no kraken or ‘storm’, but there were however ‘mass arrests’–of the Trump supporters who stormed the capitol…about a hundred individuals in total. So at least that Q prediction came true. Having your guys arrested in an act of futility is part of the plan, according to Vox and others. The lesson here is, as the failure of Q shows, is that we cannot indulge in eschatological fantasies and wishful thinking. We have to understand and confront realty, as it is, as it unfolds before us.

I have seen some on the right express concern that the protestors have ‘ruined their lives’ and are facing serious jail time. Some have and are, but many of these demonstrators can expect sizable donations and other benefits. For example, the Watergate ‘plumbers’ would go on to have successful careers despite jail time and Nixon being impeached. It would be the ultimate ‘middle finger’ to left if Trump would pardon all of them, but Trump has time and time again tended to show much more deference to Hannity and Goldman Sachs, than his most vocal and loyal followers, and is too risk-averse to put his own comfortable lifestyle in jeopardy.

The next 4 years are gonna suck but I will try to see the positives. The hundreds of thousands of factory jobs returned to America and the millions of immigrants and illegals deported under Trump, will be shipped back to China and Mexico under Biden…oh wait, those things never happened. No jobs were returned to America (in any appreciable quantity) and there is more immigration than ever. Cultural degeneracy and decay is at all time highs, too, as thousands of Americans have taken to prostituting themselves on Only Fans to kill time during the pandemic and for extra cash in lean economic times, to a captive audience of presumably millions of paying customers.

Trump’s main focus during his 4 years was keeping interest rates low and the stock market high, with stuff such as immigration and ‘returning jobs to America’ pushed to the periphery–Culture warriors and deficit hawks were left empty-handed yet again. In spite of tough rhetoric about China, immigration, and cultural decay, in reality, voters prefer cultural Marxism over losing money, which is why economics will always supersede culture issues. Look what happened to George H. W. Bush, who despite having high approval ratings during the Gulf War, was undone by a weak economy. Trump could have won on the heels of the strong stock market and economy, but then Covid came along and undid much of that, at least temporarily.

Biden’s main priorities are more stimulus and overseeing the mass-administration a Covid vaccine…pretty much the same as it would have been under Trump had he won. There really is no fundamental difference between the two guys. Trump signaled toughness on immigration and tech censorship but was unable to do anything, either being unable or unwilling. Wit the right, there is always dissembling and the inevitable bait and switch, whereas the left just flagrantly makes its intentions clear.

As I predicted last week, I do not foresee much civil unrest even though the nation is more divided than ever and at least feels like it is on the precipice of an all-out civil war, and Americans’ trust in each other and its government and institutions keeps falling. Based on my historical analysis, the other ingredients that are necessary for possible instability are missing . The economy is doing well, and I also think America’s considerable economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity and large land mass also reduces the likelihood of widespread civil unrest, as opposed to local , sporadic incidents of unrest which we have been seeing for the past year or so. I am predicting tensions will ease after Biden is inaugurated, and once more stimulus checks start coming in the mail. These unconditional remittances can be likened to a form of reverse-tribute to placate the masses, but rather than the masses paying the lord for protection, the lord pays the masses to not revolt.