Capitol Hill Protests

The past 12 hours have been surreal. It feels like an action movie or something, yet in real life. I cannot believe or still fully fathom what has happened, but it is not too surprising that it happened. This was 12 years in the making, starting with the tea party and the Obama presidency, the… Continue reading Capitol Hill Protests

Moldbug and Covid

Moldbug/Yarvin has been on a publishing and media frenzy over the past year, itinerantly appearing on at least a couple dozen podcasts and serializing his forthcoming book on the blogging platform Substack ( He has been everywhere: I saw a episode featuring Moldbug on a podcast that I had chosen seemingly at random that had… Continue reading Moldbug and Covid

2021 forecasts and predictions

In short, I predict 2021 will be a continuation of 2020, with preexisting trends accelerating or remaining intact. Some people get annoyed if your predictions are not extreme enough, but this is prediction list, not a wish list. Many people may wish or hope to see unrest that upsets the status quo, but that does… Continue reading 2021 forecasts and predictions

In defense of (some) dishonesty

Cheating and dishonesty are often framed as ethnically and morally indefensible. Either someone is honest or dishonest, without any ‘grey area’ in-between, or without taking into account the context of the situation. But rather than having to choose between what I believe to be a false dichotomy, I think, instead, many of the prevailing notions… Continue reading In defense of (some) dishonesty