Capitol Hill Protests

The past 12 hours have been surreal. It feels like an action movie or something, yet in real life. I cannot believe or still fully fathom what has happened, but it is not too surprising that it happened. This was 12 years in the making, starting with the tea party and the Obama presidency, the rise of alt/dissident politics online,  Trump’s win and the rise of the MAGA movement and Q-anon, Charlottesville, and then finally culminating with this. For years pundits have spoken about America becoming increasingly divided, but with a detached sort of air of indifference, as if, surely, something like this could never happen, yet it did.

Congress evacuated as some protestors storm the interior of the Capitol building.

4 dead

Trump’s twitter account temporality suspended, and then reinstated alter Trump deletes three offending tweets, which presumably broke the rules and lead to his account being suspended.

25th amendment possibly invoked

After the commotion had died down and order restored, the election results were finally certified, with Pence officially declaring Biden as the winner.

As the sun set, with protestors still on the Capitol steps and smoke billowing from police tear gas, there was the eerie glow of light emanating from the Capitol dome against the grey backdrop the dusk sky as if the interior had been set ablaze..

I predict there will not be anything resembling civil war. Things will return to normal, similar to after Charlottesville, but it will give justification for the incoming Biden administration to further tighten the left’s power over discourse and its institutions. Same for social media companies stepping up censorship, again, similar to after Charlottesville.

Right-wing activism , unlike left-wing activism, fails because the left controls the institutions, and the rules are selectively enforced. As many correctly point out, BLM, of course, is allowed to cause chaos with impunity and no deaths even after destroying property, yet one of the protestors, a woman, gets shot in the chest by police and dies, according to video footage, upon trying to open a door while inside the Capitol. It is not surprising social media is trying to censor this video.

And  although stop the steal did not accomplish its objective of preventing Biden from being  certified as the winner, as a display of force, it revealed just a shadow or glimpse of the sort of resistance the left could face should it go to far.