Yang may be anti-white, but they all are

Interesting video

Yang may be anti-white, but so are the other Democratic candidates, who are even more anti-white. And he’s a gun-grabber, but they all are. A pro-white candidate regardless of party affiliation would never be allowed to win the nomination. Ron Paul is probably the closest recent example of a possibly pro-white candidate having some success, as in being in the debates even though he was a non-starter to begin with. A viable pro-white candidate that is not a third party would be blacked out by the media, meaning that the media would not give him any coverage, which is how the media handles situations that pose an existential threat to the narrative. The government cannot suppress speech, but the media can influence people’s perceptions by choosing what and whom to report and what to ignore. Although Trump signaled pro-white sentiment during the campaign, I cannot think of anything specifically pro-white (or anything specifically in the interests of whites) he has done while in office. He has caved-in or failed on too many things. Not to get too conspiratorial, the mainstream media and GOP establishment gave Trump so much coverage during the campaign, because there was an implicit agreement beforehand that Trump, in office, would promise not do anything in exchange for him getting coverage.