Alex Jones

Things have been pretty slow lately. People are wondering if the conclusion of the Mueller investigation/witch-hunt will mean Trump will take a more assertive role in his presidency, and my answer is likely not. I think Trump is pandering extra-hard to Israel in recent weeks in the hope of gaining GOP support for the wall, and to lessen the likelihood of impeachment given that Pelosi is resolutely pro-Israel. So far this strategy may be working, as the House fails to override Trump’s veto over national emergency wall fight (warning: link contains auto-play video), which comes days after Trump recognized Israel’s sovereignty of the Golan Heights. Of course, people object, but it’s done. Left-wing leaders in Europe are not putting up much resistance to Trump. Trump is pretty smart in this regard…he is shoring up the necessary support for a 2020 victory.

Anyway, Owen Benjamin put out a video calling out Alex Jones for his perfidy and greed:

Alex Jones, on a recent appearance on Joe Rogan, paints himself as a sort of quirky, harmless victim, but he’s as much of a tool of the ‘establishment’ as anyone else in the media. If people knew how much he makes and has made over the past 2 decades, starting in 2001 when his career exploded after 911 and then again 2008 after Obama, people would see he is not the underdog he makes himself to be. ‘Alternative media’ is just of much an alternative as MSNBC is an alternative to CNN, not an actual alternative.

I have never held Jones in high regard, and this confirms my suspicions. Same for Mike Stathis, who was also right years ago about Alex Jones being a shill. The stuff Jones peddles on his website is snake oil, in addition to being a BS spreader himself. As Mike and others know, Jones avoids topics that threaten his income streams and ‘respectability,’ albeit unsuccessfully given how he has been banned from so many platforms now. People such as myself, who invest in the markets, need to be right, and we are, because we don’t make money off of people’s fears. Doom and gloom, specifically doom and gloom against America and the US economy, has never made anyone money except those who sell advertising space.

Love him or hate him, you still gotta respect the hustle. Jones legally made millions of dollars over a 2-decade period as a conspiratorial showman whose product is fear and paranoia, and as evidenced by his success, evidently there is a huge market. He built his infowars and prison planet websites in the early 2000’s, back when there was much less competition and the internet was a fledgling medium, to sell advertising space, has successful radio and TV shows that draw thousands of listeners and viewers, and has produced documentaries. The ‘Alex Jones’ persona, with the arm flailing and sudden but controlled bursts of rage, is a sort of performance art, mixing kayfabe with acting.

Alex Jones not only has an entry on IMDB, but his own lawyer concedes that Jones is a performance artist and that judging Mr. Jones [in regard to a custody battle] based on his public persona is “like judging Jack Nicholson based on his role as the Joker in Batman.”

No detail is too small, because it’s all part of the act and needed to convey legitimacy. On his TV show, his anchor ‘desk’ is covered in stacks of stapled papers to create the outward appearance of having done deep investigative research that is substantiated in print form, and dramatized by Jones waving a stack to the camera to show everyone how real it must be for those who still doubt him. That is not an accident. These gestures and props, however small, matter because they help us form subconscious opinions of things in a way that obvious signals would be dismissed as not being believable.

To consider the opposing side, Jones may have red-pilled a lot of people about the reality that indeed a small group of people/globalists impart a lot of control/influence over the world and society. This is indisputable, and sizes vary from a few thousand people to as many as 50,000. Whether or not such control is for nefarious ends is harder to determine. The CEO of Walmart is very influential, but is he a globalist in the same way the CEO of Google may be? These elites/globalists know that if the kill the host or turn it against them, they have no power. In Jones’ defense, given all his de-platformings last year, he may be more risk-averse and was quick to part with Owen when he became too hot to handle. The problem is, Jones does not engage in these sort of dialogues, but just rants and raves, while pushing crap on his viewers. He seems to be motivated by money than any sort of pursuit of the truth.