Entrepreneurism is overrated

Saw this meme going viral: Despite dropping out, Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg were immensely successful because of the alignment of many factors: connections (for elite universities, attending can be as valuable as graduating, due to connections), high IQ (which allowed them to get into such universities and be so successful at tech ), access to… Continue reading Entrepreneurism is overrated

College Admissions Scandal: Separating Hype from Reality

I have spent some more time thinking about the college admissions scandal, which is possible the biggest story of the year and maybe even the biggest story since Trump was sworn into office. I’m seeing it everywhere, including blogs that don’t even talk about topical matters. James when, he’s not pushing scam crypto-currency courses, is… Continue reading College Admissions Scandal: Separating Hype from Reality

Is the first term of the Trump presidency already over?

On Unz, Trump sentiment has turned negative, especially in the comments. President Trump, of course, was elected because many people thought he could reverse this process, especially by limiting mass immigration and taking strong action in the culture wars, for example by promoting official English. Yet in recent weeks, he has repeatedly endorsed more legal… Continue reading Is the first term of the Trump presidency already over?

The Daily View 3/13/2019

This is the most shared story by far for the day: College Admissions Scandal: Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged. I saw five blogs and a whole bunch of Reddit subs posting about it, which way more than even Trump-related stuff. The fact that parents are willing to part with such large sums… Continue reading The Daily View 3/13/2019

Yang Gang mania

All over 4chan and on Twitter, the the latest meme is the ‘Yang Gang’: Many of the same alt-right people who three years ago were boosting for Trump are now behind Yang. So what to make of this? I dunno. I think there is a sort of desire, by young people especially, to reset the… Continue reading Yang Gang mania

The New 30-Something

Today’s viral article is The New 30-Something. The article went viral because it contains two of the three elements of the wealth-individualism-intellectualism trinity, those being wealth and individualism. All over Reddit, over the past four or so years, especially since the election of Trump, there as has been a ton of interest in personal finance,… Continue reading The New 30-Something

Men not working

This article wet viral Where Have All the Men Without College Degrees Gone? Everyone wants to know where the missing men are. The answer is obvious: they are dropping out, as part of the gradual transition to a post-scarcity society in which there is enough for everyone, but a smaller percentage of the population owns… Continue reading Men not working

Not worried about socialism (even though the media keeps talking about it)

Douthat brings up socialism: The Democrats Have a Culture Problem Now that energy has transformed Democratic politics. We have a swelling Democratic 2020 field in which a capital-S Socialist is arguably the front-runner, most of the declared candidates are offering maximal ideological ambition, and the last Democratic vice president is hesitating to run in part… Continue reading Not worried about socialism (even though the media keeps talking about it)