Men not working

This article wet viral Where Have All the Men Without College Degrees Gone?

Everyone wants to know where the missing men are.

The answer is obvious: they are dropping out, as part of the gradual transition to a post-scarcity society in which there is enough for everyone, but a smaller percentage of the population owns anything or has any major stake.

These men are:

getting paid under the table, which means they don’t count in the official labor rolls

going on disability


homeless, living in shelters, car-living

living with friends and family (I think this is the biggest contributor)

becoming stay-at-home dads, gender role reversal


This is what happens when you have fewer good-paying jobs that can be done by people of only average-IQ. Instead, since 2009 or so, the labor market has become increasingly bifurcated, with a lot of low-paying, low-skilled jobs at the bottom, a handful of decent-paying jobs at the top for the so-called cognitive elite, but not enough good-paying jobs in the middle for people of average IQ and skill.

For someone who has few skills and is not smart enough or too old to learn new skills, collecting welfare or living with friends or family, may be a better proposition than low-paying service sector work.

Also, cheap and abundant high-quality immersive entertainment such as video games, and computer games, and Netflix, is probably another reason. 30 years ago, if you weren’t working, your options for cheap entertainment were limited to daytime TV, which is boring and marketed towards women, or reading a book.