He’s Right Again

He’s right again (Martin Shkreli in response to Senile Sanders):

People such as myself and Martin want to create economic environments where the best and the brightest can succeed to their fullest potential – to create tomorrow’s Facebooks, Teslas, Googles, Amazons, and Ubers – whereas far-left liberals like Sanders think wealth can be created by spreading it from those who earned it to those who didn’t, or by wasting money on useless social programs for society’s ‘losers’, neglecting the ‘winners’. Imagine a Football team where only the worst players are chosen, and the best are expelled or relegated to 3rd or 4th string. That’s Sander’s vision for America. How are we supposed to inspire America’s smartest when policy neglects them? How is America supposed to compete with countries like China and South Korea, that elevates, not suppresses, talent? The free market is still the best path to prosperity and innovation, of all the alternatives, but it can’t work if far-left policy shackles it with excess regulation, high taxes, and misappropriation of resources. As Martin Shkreli understands, we need policy that promotes, helps America’s best and brightest. And those who succeed should be able to keep what they earn instead of having to spread their wealth.