Dave Chappelle Special

Dave Chappelle put out an impromptu Netflix special, 8:46 , which is in reference to the number of minutes and seconds the officer keeled on George Floyd’s neck.

For those who were expecting a comedy show, instead got a sermon/lecture on race and police brutality.

It seems like he is rambling , giving a sundry recitation of past incidents of brutality, linking a bunch of events and coincidences together as some sort of web/conspiracy against blacks. He has greatly personalized and internalized Floyd’s death.

He also comes across as sorta out of touch by name-dropping all these millionaire friends he has. He still holds a grudge against Laura Ingraham for telling an overpaid basketball player to ‘shut-up and dribble,’ as if Lebron James was somehow personally traumatized by this, when he probably didn’t notice or care. Apparently, telling someone to do their job is coded racist language, although for what I don’t exactly know. Dave Chappelle: the defender of overpaid black athletes everywhere.

But as Glen Loury and John McWhorter discussed a week ago, whites also get killed and hassled by the police, such as the death of Tony Timpa, who was killed last year after Dallas police knelt on his back for 15 minutes, which I only now became aware of because of the above video. The incident went mostly unnoticed. And there is also the death of Dylan Noble, and many others.

On a per-incident basis, non-attacking whites are slightly more likely than blacks to be killed by the police, and black cops are just as likely as white cops to kill blacks. Because blacks disproportionately commit more crimes than whites and other races, they are also killed and arrested at a higher rate, too. Low IQs and high time preference are to blame for black underachievement and dysfunctional communities, not systemic racism by police, but you cannot make a Netflix special about that.