Virus thoughts

Prince Charles has tested positive and Greta Thunberg says she has it too. I keep seeing all these stories of famous people testing positive but has anyone gotten sick? Makes me wonder. If the goal is to use the virus as a tool to influence behavior and policy, what better way than to have famous, visible people announce they are positive but never actually develop severe symptoms or actually get sick, or get sick and then miraculously recover as if nothing happened. It’s like the ’90s when all these celebs came out gay and or positive.

Stimulus bill is set to pass, but I don’t think will do much. It’s not a pro-Trump anti-Trump thing, but that stimulus is not that effective no matter who does it. It didn’t work in 2008-2009 when Bush and then Obama did it, or the other times it was tried, because all it amounts to is putting an expensive band-aid on a problem. It’s like you spend trillions of dollars to maybe boost GDP a few tenths of percent temporarily. We’re not gonna see any sort of meaningful recovery or improvement in the stock market and economy until the # of daily cases start going down, and or if these inept local governments loosen their grips on society and things return to some sort of normalcy. Tech stocks however will recover so I remain long those. If and when we see a large reduction of daily cases, the stock market could conceivably rally 15% in a week.