The Backlash Grows

The backlash keeps growing: Silicon Valley men push back on gender equity efforts:

One of those who said there had been a change is James Altizer, an engineer at the chip maker Nvidia. Mr. Altizer, 52, said he had realized a few years ago that feminists in Silicon Valley had formed a cabal whose goal was to subjugate men. At the time, he said, he was one of the few with that view.

The fact CNBC, a major financial news network, is covering this is evidence of a narrative shift, even if it’s a small shift.

It seems (for the left), that when they push an issue too quickly and too hard, the pendulum swings back, not only returning to the middle but making them worse-off by swinging to the opposite side. There was Pelosi denouncing Antifa, and also the broader post-2013 SJW backlash. Maybe the election of Trump was a collective backlash. But also Equifax and how the mainstream media picked up on how the CSO Susan Mauldin may have been unqualified by being a music major. I was surprised the MSM mentioned that, and I posit that it was related to the Google memo just a month earlier. By putting gender at the fore, the issue is subject to more visibility and critique, and this can backfire should such critique rub against let’s desired narrative.

For example after the Charlottesville melee, the far-right found themselves on the defensive, but following subsequent protests in Boston and Berkeley, antifa took a victory (in the court of public opinion) and turned it into a loss by going ‘too far’. Regarding the James Demore’s memo and his subsequent firing, Google hoped that either: news of the firing would fizzle out, that Demore would say silent, or failing those, that the public would side with Google. But as the link above shows, the opposite happened; rather than being ignored, the memo was a shot heard around the world. People are realizing that the memo is scientifically accurate, that Mr. Demore’s termination was wrongful (or at least politically motivated), and how ‘diversity’ has become a code word for ‘anti-white’ and ‘anti-male’. It’s not so much that the left wants diversity of thought, but rather thought that is within the window of acceptable discourse (Overton window) that they [the left] themselves set. How convenient.