Goalposts, moved

Blown cover as cover An interesting little quip given the rumors about The Storm. And for those who don’t understand why the confirmed guilty aren’t simply being rounded up and charged, read The Trial of Roger Stone. There is no point in arresting those who will never be charged by corrupt prosecutors, and if charged,… Continue reading Goalposts, moved

Holding ourselves to a higher level of discourse in regard to Corona

Even though I oppose the shutdowns and mandatory quarantines, I’m tired of lame, logically flawed arguments being brought forward. Z writes Of course, the people in the skeptic camp could be the ones suffering from some form of madness that prevents them from seeing the threat. The trouble is, the great plague is not exactly… Continue reading Holding ourselves to a higher level of discourse in regard to Corona

Shared Narratives and the Coronavirus

When expressing oneself, there are two problems: getting facts wrong or having bad opinions. Shared narratives appeal to the internal value system that unites intellectual-web, which tends to to be invariant of facts or ideology. It’ a sort of ‘hack’ that bypasses the difficulty of having correct facts or good opinions, as shared narratives are… Continue reading Shared Narratives and the Coronavirus

The great write-off

The fact that the potential US death toll was revised so substantially and abruptly, to 100k, shows how wrong the initial narrative was, which was the promise or hope that a combination of shutdowns, quarantines, and social distancing would keep the total number of fatalities low, perhaps 10,000 at most, versus potentially hundreds of thousands.… Continue reading The great write-off

Truth Spirals

Everyone is probably familiar with holliness spirals, which is the tendency of the social-justice left to one-up each other in performative acts of solidity, especially on social media, with the winner being whoever occupies the inner-most circle of intersectionality and virtue. Dissident conservatives however have their own spirals, so-called truth spirals, in which conservatives are… Continue reading Truth Spirals