Goalposts, moved

Blown cover as cover

An interesting little quip given the rumors about The Storm. And for those who don’t understand why the confirmed guilty aren’t simply being rounded up and charged, read The Trial of Roger Stone. There is no point in arresting those who will never be charged by corrupt prosecutors, and if charged, will be released by corrupt judges.

So, let me get this strait, for the past 2-3 years Vox has been saying that ‘the storm is coming,’ that there would be ‘hundreds of arrests,’ to ‘trust the plan,’ and that ‘elites are scared and fleeing the country,’ but now, after 3 years and no arrests or prosecutions, rather than just admitting he was chasing a dead-end conspiracy, he attributes this to part of the conspiracy. Vox moves the goalposts in such a way that with or without arrests, he cannot be wrong. The lack of arrests is part of the storm anyway, because the judges cannot prosecute! Problem solved! So the failure of reality to agree with the conspiracy means that the conspiracy must be more elaborate than previously thought, not that the conspiracy is wrong.

As for corrupt judges, wasn’t/isn’t Trump supposed to be appointing or have appointed judges that will prosecute such criminals? That has been the major talking point for the past 3 years, that in spite of Trump’s failure/inability to do anything about immigration, to build a wall, to ‘return jobs to America,’ or failure to do anything about the the opium epidemic, etc., that at the very least he has appointed conservative judges.

We can’t possibly know what’s actually happening now, but we can observe that at least some potentially related arrests are continuing to take place despite the lockdowns.
An Urbana teacher and cross country coach is now facing child pornography charges.

Douglas O. Mynatt, 56 of Savoy, was arrested Friday, April 3. Mynatt is employed as a physical education teacher at Urbana’s University High School and is the coach of the girls’ cross country program

Spoiler alert: nothing is happening behind the scenes. There is no storm or plan (unless by ‘plan’, containing the virus and being reelected, which are presumably the two biggest things on Trump’s mind). Trump had three full years, from Jan 2017 to Jan 2020, of uninterrupted and unprecedented geopolitical peace and economic prosperity to try to investigate the dems (as he promised to open an investigation into Hillary during 2016 debate), so a second term is unlikely to make a difference, especially given that his attention will be focused on dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic. Trump, being a sort of pragmatist, has always cared more about economic and geopolitical stability more so than rekindling old political feuds. As for arrests, CP being a crime has nothing to do with who the president is. There were plenty of arrests for the possession and distribution CP under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. (Breaking news: Trump declares possession of CP illegal! About time!) In 2001, fifteen years before Trump, a federal sting infiltrating a CP ring netted 100 arrests, at the time the largest undercover CP bust ever. Was that part of the plan too? lol. Unless this licentious high school coach is somehow part of the globalist web of deceit, I don’t think this low-level arrest is what Q proponents have in mind as a harbinger of the ‘storm,’ so goalposts moved again.

Vox argues that it matters not that Q is right, but that Q is a ‘morale booster’ for the dissent/alt-right ’cause.’ However, a Google search shows that Q is not held in high regard by 4chan and related communities (the very communities that are supposed to be promoting and supporting Q, according to the media narrative), suggesting that Q is more of an object of ridicule than a morale booster. The people on 4chan are smart enough to know that it is BS. I would wager that Q is yet another fake grassroots campaign, similar to the Tea Party, Pizzagate, and others, and a distraction promulgated by the media who are promoting and legitimizing it by talking about it insistently (like Pizzagate, the only reason Q is being talked about so much is because the someone is paying journalists to write negative ‘investigative’ stories about this supposed grassroots movement, as any attention is better than none). As a rule of thumb, the mainstream media is never going to promote dissent that is effective or that actually reveals the truth, only red herrings, dead-ends, BS, and fud.