It’s amazing how fast things change

A little over a month ago, the big story was whether Mike Bloomberg would be able to recover from his bad debate performance, back in Feb 20th. In hindsight, this was so quaint in significance despite all the media coverage at the time, and the last gasp of any sort of semblance of normalcy, as the nation plunged into crisis just two weeks later. The virus, although ravaging parts of Italy and a Washington nursing home (according to Yelp, the worst nursing home ever), was still not a cause for alarm in the US–that is, only until until Feb 24th–when the stock market began to crash and then on March 10th when Trump delivered his now-famous CDC speech, which set shutdowns and quarantines in motion–did it become acutely obvious to everyone what was going on. Quarantine, masks, and toilet paper have became cultural memes and icons, similar to the resurgence of patriotism and American flags following 911. As the virus swept through New York, probably some of the same people that watched those debates and cheered or jeered for Bloomberg or Sanders, with the virus the last thing on their minds, were in body bags weeks later, to get an idea of how fast this progressed. A virus that seemed so distant months ago in the far reaches of China, has descended on even Louisiana.