NRx and Positivism

Good essay on positivism and how NRx differs from other branches of the ‘alt right’: As mentioned in my previous post the Dissident Right can be broadly divided into the “feeling Right” which is typified by the Alt-Right and the “thinking” Right which, I feel, is typified by Neoreaction. NRx is more about ideas than… Continue reading NRx and Positivism

The Internet Stands Behind Richard Dawkins

As some may already know, Richard Dawkins got booted from a science panel for re-tweeting a funny and accurate video “Feminists Love Islamists” that portrays feminists negative light. The video is correct that feminists give cover to Islam, a religion that is inherently oppressive and misogynistic, while attacking harmless Christians. In their distorted worldview, truth… Continue reading The Internet Stands Behind Richard Dawkins

‘Peak Everything’ and the ‘winner-take-all’ market

Multi-billionaires, who can control the media and the boards of directors, can’t beat the market. Hedge funds, who have the most sophisticated tools and PHDs at their disposal, can’t do it either. From pragmatic capitalism: Dear Hedge Funds: Index Funds Didn’t Eat Your Returns Indexing strategies have been the fastest growing segment of the asset… Continue reading ‘Peak Everything’ and the ‘winner-take-all’ market