The Daily View: In a Loop, MGTOW, and The Elite

From Which way, dissident Right?

Currently the dissident Right is caught in a loop of rehashing its criticisms of the Left but it is unable to make the step toward the difficult stage of demanding actual change because this conflicts with Crowdist elements in its audience. We have lots of blogs rehashing ideas that myself and others covered 20 years ago, and while that is great, it has become preaching to the choir. We either take the next step or vanish in irrelevance.

It would seem like certain aspects of the alt right are in a loop, going in circles. Malcolm Pollock expresses similar sentiments, in which he tires of repeating the same stuff over an over. The problem is with any organization, be it a corporation, non-profit, or a movement, promotion is by espousing an opinion that closest aligns with everyone else (sorta like a linear regression model), but then others also do this, too, and it becomes self-reinforcing as the outward plots move towards the line, and then the line is re-drawn again, ad infinitum. From a game-theory standpoint, this is the optimal strategy (if promotion is what one seeks), but it tends to result in repetition due to others copying the strategy.

The American Elite Hates America

They shouldn’t wish to associate with us (ordinary Americans). We’re good for consumer spending and little else. The elite are only acting in their best interests, and secondly, NRx should not be populist. I would much prefer right-wing elitists over left-wing ones, but neither are egalitarian. An NRx monarchy, or any monarchy, by definition, would be ‘elite’. Due to the recent rise of populism and general cynicism over American government, the word ‘elite’ has negative connotations, it doesn’t have to be that way. The ‘elite’ should be those who are the most competent to rule, as under a technocracy or meritocracy. Right now we have situation where, by in large, the unqualified are the in change and are the ‘elite’.

Most of academia hates America. If you told them that in fifty years America will possess a world culture and that those with European ancestry will be an oppressed minority, a huge celebration would take place in universities throughout the country

With the exception of STEM, this is true.

Most feminists, social justice warriors, liberals, and even conservatives hate America. The entire range of the political spectrum have been infiltrated and corrupted by those who want to give an unholy death to traditional American values. Consumerism, nihilism, and Islamic and Mexican interests will take over instead.

But these are not the elite; they are lackeys. The elite, interestingly, are not the most radicalized. The elite tend to be centrist (think Bill & Hillary Clinton), neoliberal, or pragmatic. Upending the status quo would cause them (the elite) to lose money and influence, and while they may seek reform, their approach is incrementalist. SJWs, on the other hand, are low-information and seek crisis so the economy fails and Marxism can be phased in. The elite have the most to lose should there be crisis and upheaval, and hence seek self-preservation.

Nihilism, like Postmodernism, is a word that is thrown around a lot (sorta as a catch-all for all that is bad in the world) but not really understood that well. As I discuss, instead of nihilism, it’s more like fatalism or predestination. The latter are compatible with some of the more HBD-variants of the ‘alt right’ who believe that genes, which are predetermined, affect socioeconomic outcomes.

Most Silicon Valley technologists hate America. They create apps and devices that are tearing apart the social fabric of family and tribe while hurting the middle class. Then they use their newfound billions in wealth to agitate for gay marriage, transsexual rights, and open borders.

Hmm..seems like Roosh is parroting the anti-technology left, albeit from the ‘right’ instead of the ‘left’. How does Uber ‘tear apart’ families? Thousands of people are making a living with gig jobs on Task Rabbit or Fiverr, and although these jobs may not pay well, they provide income opportunities for people who may otherwise be destitute. The middle class and the “American dream’, for better or worse, is being redefined. It means traditional jobs are being replaced by temporary work, where people are paid for the economic value they produce – not for merely ‘showing up’ – and are personally accountable for whether they succeed or fail, instead of a big, nameless company being accountable.

If a corporatocracy involving, say, the biggest Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon ran the country, it would probably be very efficient but possibly dehumanizing. It would be like Dubai but instead of oil, the economy would be run by apps, websites, and intellectual property. There would probably be a lot of social justice – or less, with discrimination suits no longer an issue now that the companies control the courts and the rest of the government.

For example, have you noticed that men’s rights activists are constantly attacked while the men going their own way group (MGTOW) is not, and even discussed sympathetically? It’s because the latter group promotes social isolation and reproductive sterility, which matches the establishment’s depopulation agenda. On the other hand, white nationalists are being roundly attacked through the proxy of Donald Trump. Therefore the latter group must have at least some ideas which strengthen America.

The rise of MGTOW is in response to recent social changes and to a more cut-throat, expensive economy where rent vast exceeds inflation, where jobs are increasingly scarce, and stable relationship are not only nearly impossible, but too expensive. It’s easier for men to live alone, embracing minimalism, than to trying to emulate their baby boomer parents’ expensive lifestyles. Millennials are more interested in intellectual wealth (math, coding, physics, philosophy, etc), not ostentatious materialism (big house, flashy car, Rolex, etc).

There are seven billion people in the world, so I don’t think the natalists have to worry about losing to the anti-natalists anytime soon. Instead of more humans, we need higher-quality ones.