Intellectualism Signaling

In earlier posts here and here I discuss signaling, but I want expound on this further, specifically ‘intellectualism signaling’. Signaling is actions and mannerisms that are intended to boost one’s social status among like-minded peers. Such mannerisms can include actions (writing, activism, etc.) and aesthetics (physical appearance, materialism, etc.). I define two types of signaling:… Continue reading Intellectualism Signaling

The Daily View: In a Loop, MGTOW, and The Elite

From Which way, dissident Right? Currently the dissident Right is caught in a loop of rehashing its criticisms of the Left but it is unable to make the step toward the difficult stage of demanding actual change because this conflicts with Crowdist elements in its audience. We have lots of blogs rehashing ideas that… Continue reading The Daily View: In a Loop, MGTOW, and The Elite

Pop Psychology Charlatans

How to act less stupid, according to psychologists “The stupidest thing someone can do is overestimate themselves,” he said. “What that tells us is that you don’t have to have a low IQ, in people’s eyes, to act stupidly. You just have to misperceive your abilities.” In other words poseurs, who overestimate their abilities, come… Continue reading Pop Psychology Charlatans