Fairy Tales

The Irresistible Psychology of Fairy Tales The ‘fairy tale’ of the pseudo intellectual kind is also booming, particularly in the social sciences. That’s why those pop psychology books are so popular, by telling the masses what they want to believe. Taleb: the fairy tale that buying out-of-money puts is a profitable strategy, that quantitative finance… Continue reading Fairy Tales

Pop Psychology Charlatans

How to act less stupid, according to psychologists “The stupidest thing someone can do is overestimate themselves,” he said. “What that tells us is that you don’t have to have a low IQ, in people’s eyes, to act stupidly. You just have to misperceive your abilities.” In other words poseurs, who overestimate their abilities, come… Continue reading Pop Psychology Charlatans

Liberal Denial of Individual Congenital Cognitive Exceptionalism

As part of the left’s war on Individual Congenital Cognitive Exceptionalism, besides turning high-IQ into a handicap, another tactic is redefining IQ, such as saying there are two types of IQ: ‘common sense’ IQ and ‘mental performance’ IQ, or that IQ and intelligence are distinct. As an example of this trend, here’s a recent article… Continue reading Liberal Denial of Individual Congenital Cognitive Exceptionalism