Alt-Right Twitter Purge

As a consequence of Trump’s win, Twitter has begun purging alt-right accounts, including the accounts of Matt Forney, Richard Spencer (and his NPI accounts), Pax Dickinson, and others. This is the problem with social media – you do not own it, rather you rent it, and you can be evicted at any time. I can… Continue reading Alt-Right Twitter Purge

Reign of Terror Begins: Twitter Bans Milo

Twitter Bars Milo Yiannopoulos in Wake of Leslie Jones’s Reports of Abuse This is unprecedented because it’s the first time Twitter has banned the account of a major public figure for alleged ‘TOS violations’. Usually it’s ‘one strike and you’re out’ for accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers, whereas much bigger accounts have a lot… Continue reading Reign of Terror Begins: Twitter Bans Milo

Free Speech and Twitter

From Pax Dickinson: I TOLD YOU SO: TWITTER’S CRACKDOWN ON FREE SPEECH and from Social Matter This Week in Reaction (2016/02/21) Twitter’s House, Twitter’s Rules. One could hope Twitter might enforce their terms of service fairly without a view to the orthodoxy of the opinions expressed. But Twitter is under no moral or legal obligation… Continue reading Free Speech and Twitter

Good Tweets

Shooters not white, not a Tea Partier, not Republican, not an NRA member, not Presbyterian, so this time, it's the gun's fault. — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) December 3, 2015 This is what they teach in college now — str_thry (@StrThry) November 25, 2015 Yikes @reallucasneff is a shameless race baiter who uses human tragedy… Continue reading Good Tweets