Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism, Part 7

Part 6 Nerd mannerisms and appropriations, especially in pop culture and on Instagram, where pretty women donning faux glasses post memes about social isolation, have become the ‘new normal’, and words like ‘normie’ have become pejorative. Nowadays everyone wants to be the ‘smartest person in the room’, not the most outgoing or popular. But ironically,… Continue reading Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism, Part 7

Our morally ambiguous times

Years ago in a philosophy class I posed the question of whether it was more virtuous to have never sinned or to have sinned and then reformed. The evidence suggests the latter, as redemption and America’s culture of authenticity have become increasingly intertwined. ‘Authenticity culture’ celebrates individualism, particularity intellectual endeavors (such as stock trading or… Continue reading Our morally ambiguous times

Individualism vs. the State

From Social Matter The End Of Atomistic Individualism: A Theory On Who You Are The purpose of this thought experiment is an attempt to formulate a new, sustainable, non-atomistic understanding of the concept of individualism. Modern individualism, as a product of the Enlightenment, has the function of isolating and alienating individuals from God, society, and… Continue reading Individualism vs. the State


Adulting is now a ‘thing’: Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups. Used in a sentence: Jane is adulting quite well today as she is on time for work promptly at 8am… Continue reading Adulting

Not Smart Enough to Succeed: IQ Inequality = Income Inequality

From the Atlantic: Total Inequality Total Inequality is not merely income inequality (although it matters) nor merely wealth inequality (although that matters, too). Total Inequality would refer to the sum of the financial, psychological, and cultural disadvantages that come with poverty. It’s not that the poverty causes psychological and cultural imbalance but rather the poverty… Continue reading Not Smart Enough to Succeed: IQ Inequality = Income Inequality

Family and Individualism

From The Right Stuff: Equalism is Retarded It’s time we rejected equalism and feminism. It’s time we rejected the notion that the desires of individual men and women are more important than the interests of the family as a social unit. Hmmm….but why do these have to be mutually exclusive ? Why can’t we believe… Continue reading Family and Individualism