Family and Individualism

From The Right Stuff: Equalism is Retarded

It’s time we rejected equalism and feminism. It’s time we rejected the notion that the desires of individual men and women are more important than the interests of the family as a social unit.

Hmmm….but why do these have to be mutually exclusive ? Why can’t we believe in HBD and individualism,as we as rejecting egalitarianism and feminism, in a society where the best and the brightest can live to their fullest potential? Social Darwinism, which is more relevant than ever in today’s competitive, increasingly automated economy, is a good sorting mechanism for separating the winners from the losers. Individualism, where each can compete to the best of his ability, is better than collectivism where wealth from the most the the productive is spread to the least.

Feminism would die in a free market society, as feminists and social justice warriors provide no economic value and are dependent on taxpayer dollars in the form of grants, tuition,and welfare for subsistence.

Families are important, but are also taxing, both financially and emotionally. All too many men are stuck in miserable relationships. Even if MGTOW becomes much more popular than it already is, there will still be enough reproduction to keep the population from falling below its replacement rate. The projections are that the world population will swell to 9-15 billion humans by 2100.

In any society, there is probably an optimal balance between individualism and collectivism. A society that is 100% atomized, by definition, is not a society. But history also shows that total conformity is no better. Those quirky people on the right side of the Bell Curve, with their idiosyncrasies, are needed for society to advance technologically, while everyone else goes about tending to civilization. If you go through Charles Murray’s database of human accomplishments, you’ll find virtually all accomplishments were made by smart people. Liberals value social justice and equality over quantifiable results. The left wants America to be a nation of takers, not creators.

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