‘Low Information’ Sanders

With the exception of the Supreme Court and the primaries, not much going on in the news. We’re still in a slow news cycle and in an autopilot economy of things being sluggish but never approaching the crisis the left seeks.

Thomas Sowell endorses Cruz over Trump. No shocker there.

As part of the post-2013 SJW narrative collapse and the rise of centrism and rationalism, even celebrities, and people on Reddit and elsewhere, are finally realizing that Sanders and the rest of the left want to destroy wealth and punish the most successful, not create wealth and promote success. The internet, which includes social media and sites like Reddit and 4chan, threatens the leftist order, which depends on ‘old media’ to spread their propaganda that, up until the rise of social media, largely went unchallenged. We’re seeing the rise of minimalism and alternative/niche ideologies (such as NRx, alt right, HBD, red pill, etc), in rejection to the shallowness and banality of mass media and normative, politically correct discourse…Related to shallowness and pandering, Senile Sanders thinks wealth can be created by spreading is from the most productive and successful to the least. This desire to spread the wealth and attack the successful dates back to 20th century communism but rebranded under Obama and Sanders, both of whom appeal to ‘low-information’ voters (similar to the proletariat in communism), including welfare recipients and student loan deadbeats – not well-informed people who create economic value and are capable of critical thinking. As opposed to lifting up the cognitively exceptional, the left seeks to make them conform to thee standards to the lowest common denominator. Yes, There are rich, smart people (limousine liberals) who Support Sanders, but the vast majority of his supporters have neither of those qualities. It’s just another peasant revolt, albeit with ballots instead of pitchforks. Bill Clinton, as disreputable as he is, understood that a growing welfare state was unsustainable and hence enacted welfare reform. Some on the ‘right’ say Sanders ‘stands for something’, which makes him ‘better’ than Hillary. Others on the right argue he will hasten the decline of America, paving the way for a far-right government.