America is Still #1

To the disappointment of the left, the fiscal cliff turned out to be a speed bump, sequestration had no negative effect on the economy (also a correct prediction), and Facebook is now 50% higher than its IPO price. We were right about the payroll tax increase not hurting consumer spending and record high student loan… Continue reading America is Still #1

Asian Academic Achievement: IQ or Parenting?

Why Asian Americans Excel at Academics In spite her books receiving praise from conservative news sources, authors like Amy Chua perpetuate the liberal nurture over nature view of human development, or malleability. While liberals and conservatives don’t agree much on politics, they take comfort in this view because it feels empowering to believe, like a… Continue reading Asian Academic Achievement: IQ or Parenting?

The Daily View: There is NO Crisis, Donald Sterling, and Inflation

China To Have World’s Largest Economy This Year: World Bank Hasn’t the left been predicting China’s economic crisis since 2006? Nice to see the crisis ended before it had a chance to begin. I wonder what crisis the left will front-run next. They are so good at predicting stuff that doesn’t happen. lol Isn’t there… Continue reading The Daily View: There is NO Crisis, Donald Sterling, and Inflation

Can Technology Make Capitalism Obsolete?

From Tech Crunch After Technology Destroys Capitalism Technology, labor, and capitalism are inseparable. In a perfectly competitive free market capitalist system, technology is the result or byproduct of firms competing with each other to gain an edge, but the consequence is employees lose their jobs as their skills become obsolete, so they will need to… Continue reading Can Technology Make Capitalism Obsolete?

America is Becoming an Oligarchy. So What?

According to the left, unless action is taken, our ‘democracy’ will be lost to the moneyed elites, or the ‘Oligarchy’. But is wealth inequality something to lose sleep over? Not for me, Silicon Valley, or Wall St. The left likes to believe, incorrectly, that America is a democracy, but it’s actually a constitutional republic founded… Continue reading America is Becoming an Oligarchy. So What?

Some Thoughts on Education

Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink On the message boards and blogs, few subjects elicit as much discussion as pedagogy because we can all include our own personal experiences or the experiences of our children into the debate. Across the political spectrum, everyone has a solution to reforming education; unfortunately,… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Education

Bifurcated Inflation Gains Traction

Since 2011, we’ve proposed the theory of ‘bifurcated inflation’ that describe two types of inflation: inflation for goods and services that exceeds the CPI and inflation for goods and services that falls below it. Here are our two most recent articles about bifurcated inflation: A Case Against Secular Stagnation The Daily View: Inflation, Peter Schiff,… Continue reading Bifurcated Inflation Gains Traction

Why The Rich Deserve More

An Economy Driven By Rich People? Imagine a world in which those who work — or try to work— are given mere scraps. Imagine an economy that is driven purely by speculation by the wealthy, the gains of which are then spent in high-end stores, the source of employment for those lucky enough to have… Continue reading Why The Rich Deserve More

Priceactionlab Bad Analysis

Wrong again Thus, I am not too optimistic about the future of this market if the geopolitical conflict is not resolved fast and financial conditions do not start to improve, especially as far as putting an end to an accelerating wealth inequality Thanks, pert, for listing the two exact things Wall St. DOESN’T care about.… Continue reading Priceactionlab Bad Analysis