How the left spreads misinformation, fear, and bad advice to ‘save/protect’ people

In their war on the ownership society, the left wants people to rent instead of owning homes. Because so much wealth is held in real estate, one way for the left to accomplish their goal of making society poorer is to get people out of homes and into rentals by spreading misinformation about real estate either being a scam and or a bubble. Yet at the same time, the left also wants deadbeats to keep their homes. People who can afford to buy a home should never own one, but those who can’t should never be evicted, according to the left’s ‘logic’. It’s contradictory, but liberalism is a mental disorder.

Same goes for liberals who call traditional publishing evil and exploitative, oblivious or ignoring the fact that traditional book publishing houses are flooded with manuscripts, so apparently, I guess, despite thousands and thousands of articles slamming traditional publishing, word still hasn’t gotten out about how ‘evil’ traditional publishers are. Just another example of the paternalist left acting like they know what is best for everyone else, giving bad advice to ‘save’ people. According to the left, it’s not your fault your precious manuscript was rejected, it’s those greedy corporations and rich people who are to blame.

The average Amazon self-publisher makes a couple hundred dollars a year and that doesn’t include costs such as covers and editing, whereas 6-figure or 7-figure book publishing deals are not all that uncommon. For example, memory champion Joshua Foer received a jaw-dropping $1.3 million advance from Penguin to write his critically acclaimed debut book Moonwalking with Einstein. Poor guy. But of course, we can’t let obvious counter-examples stand in the way of the well-worn leftist narratives that ‘traditional publishing is dead’, ‘traditional pubishing gatekeepers are suppressing talent’, or ‘traditional publishing exploits authors’.

Bloggers like Mike, Aaron, Vox, and James are successful with self-publishing because they already have huge audiences. They wrote books only after becoming well-known through blogging and other mediums; they didn’t self-publish to build the audience – the audience was already there. Traditional publishing, on the other hand, puts the books in front of people’s eyes at the bookstores and on Amazon through professional promotions, which helps authors who have the talent to write quality work but have little or no pre-established audience. The audience is what matters – no audience, no sales. Period. The left doesn’t understand this fundamental rule.

Or the left spreading FUD about stocks being a bubble or about the fed inflating the market – nevermind that companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple, which have nothing to do with the fed, keep posting blow-out earnings year after year. The welfare left thinks that the fed was evil to bailout Wall St. and should have just let everything crash and burn to save people from ‘moral hazard’. The only conspiracy is not from the fed or the government, but from the libs who are making you poor by making you sell your stocks too soon or piss money every month to the landlord, all under the pretense of trying protect people from imagined fears. Fear of publishing houses, fear of stock market bubbles, fear of the fed, fear of China, fear of rich people, fear of housing…and the list goes on and on.

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