Why Post-Election Revolt and Crisis is Unlikely, Part 2

In an earlier post, I argued that the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election would likely not lead to national upheaval, but I want to expand on it. As the Great Depression showed, economic crisis does not necessarily lead to revolt. But historically speaking, revolt generally occurs during periods of extreme economic disruption and… Continue reading Why Post-Election Revolt and Crisis is Unlikely, Part 2

Individualism vs. the State

From Social Matter The End Of Atomistic Individualism: A Theory On Who You Are The purpose of this thought experiment is an attempt to formulate a new, sustainable, non-atomistic understanding of the concept of individualism. Modern individualism, as a product of the Enlightenment, has the function of isolating and alienating individuals from God, society, and… Continue reading Individualism vs. the State

Era of the Introvert, and the demise of ‘Careerism’

Over and over again, articles about following themes themes or topics, go viral: -Being alone, the benefits of being alone, etc. -Introversion, introverts -Coping with being ‘average’, being ‘boring’, etc. Today’s viral article: How being alone may be the key to rest Could it be that what we really want, in order to rest, is… Continue reading Era of the Introvert, and the demise of ‘Careerism’

Heuristics for the Post-2008 World, Part 1

This advice given this in this article captures the ethos of post-2008 era – an era in which IQ, self-determination, intellectual expertise and knowledge are more important than ever, coinciding with the post-2008 decline/obsolescence of collectivism and liberalism, in general. Commentary is below. 1. Ignore 1-star and 5-star reviews of books, hotels and products. The… Continue reading Heuristics for the Post-2008 World, Part 1

‘Culture Wars’ give way to ‘Shared Narratives’

As I explain in The Genius of Ross Douthat, partisanship and ‘culture wars’ have given way to ‘shared narratives and themes’ (existential matters, the economy, anxiety, distrust of elites, etc.) that cross the political aisle. This was especially evident during the 2016 GOP convention, where in his well-received speech Peter Thiel openly proclaimed being gay… Continue reading ‘Culture Wars’ give way to ‘Shared Narratives’

The Trajectory of America

From Social Matter: SWPLs, Amerikaners, The Alt-Right, And The Coming State This passage stood out: The system is decaying and unsustainable. It is increasingly liquidating a limited pool of capital to keep the economic charade going, while all the real productivity, and the culture of hardworking self-reliance that goes with it, goes overseas. See one… Continue reading The Trajectory of America

Society is Failing Men (or how men are failing at society)

Tyler Cowen’s article What the hell is going on? went massively viral, getting over 500 comments on his website and thousands of shares, not just touching a nerve but severing it altogether, with many people agreeing that, yes, there is is a male ‘crisis’ in America today that the media is ignoring. The overall theme… Continue reading Society is Failing Men (or how men are failing at society)

Deconstructing a Viral Article

In mid-March 2016, Robin Weis’ article “Crying” went massively viral, getting hundreds of up-votes and comments on HackerNews, as well as many shares elsewhere. Rather than focusing on the subject of the article itself, I’m going to focus more on the meta-narrative: why the article was so popular and what its popularity says about post-2008… Continue reading Deconstructing a Viral Article