The Last Question

Part of what makes the WSJ interesting yet infuriating to liberals is how they treat billionaires as experts at everything, besides their fields of business, and, without hesitation, will publish whatever crosses a billionaire’s mind in the op-ed, in addition to the usual columnists. The NYT, on the other hand, likes conventional, safe ideas by… Continue reading The Last Question

The Smartist Era, Part 2

Part 1: The Smartist Era The left likes to lament about the dumbing down of society, while ironically, actively contributing to the alleged dumbing down by opposing the talent based meritocracy in exchange for politically correct equal outcomes and rebuking biological determinism, IQ, and standardized testing. So if dumbing down is occurring, the left is… Continue reading The Smartist Era, Part 2

Authenticity and Masculinity in the New Era

In today’s super-competitive economy and meritocracy, the value of an individual to society is measured by his or her income/wealth, educational attainment, professional contributions, online karma points, expert status and IQ/SAT scores. To have a lot of Karma means your contributions and opinions are valued by others; therefore, in the court of online public option,… Continue reading Authenticity and Masculinity in the New Era

The Smartist Era

IQ, race/HBD (human bio-diversity), economics, and education. These ‘four horsemen’ are indispensable, inseparable, inescapable and are more relevant than ever in the 21st century. For example, trying to fix education boils down to understanding that the IQ gap between individuals or different groups is a possible contributing factor to the achievement gap. Education ties in… Continue reading The Smartist Era