Era of the Introvert, and the demise of ‘Careerism’

Over and over again, articles about following themes themes or topics, go viral: -Being alone, the benefits of being alone, etc. -Introversion, introverts -Coping with being ‘average’, being ‘boring’, etc. Today’s viral article: How being alone may be the key to rest Could it be that what we really want, in order to rest, is… Continue reading Era of the Introvert, and the demise of ‘Careerism’

Introverts Rule the World

In 2012 Susan Cain, formerly a Wall Street attorney, published Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. The book was a smash success, selling millions of copies and getting thousands of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, eventually leading to a TED talk that was also equally successful and critically acclaimed,… Continue reading Introverts Rule the World