Why Choose Pacifism

Pacifism is not about giving up or conceding – it’s about perspective, in picking and choosing your battles wisely, as well as maximizing one’s present situation with the resources at his or her disposal. The failure of conservatism over the past 40 years to halt–let alone reverse–leftism, is evidence of the failure of activism as… Continue reading Why Choose Pacifism


In an earlier post, I discuss the criteria that constitute a religion: Not sure if Gnon works as a religion, because religion is both prescriptive (such as the 10 Commandments) and descriptive (Book of Genesis), not just descriptive. Religion is deontological, meaning it prescribes a set of moral rules for its adherents, although such rules… Continue reading Inevitablism

NRx Concepts: A Review

Here is an summary of NRx, from the comments of arnoldkling.com: neo-reaction is in opposition to the Cathedral. possibly it is against the decay of what Walter Russell Mead calls “The Blue Model.” One workable stab at defining the commonalities of neo-reaction is that it is opposed to “The Cathedral,” whatever that is. I think… Continue reading NRx Concepts: A Review

NRx: What it is and Isn’t

There has been a lot of downtime for the past 24 hours…sorry for inconvenience On developing political theory and organisations, or how to get shot in the head and chucked in a canal like Rosa Luxemberg It’s evident RF believes Nick land is inimical to NRx, probably as part of the long-standing schism between techno-commercialism… Continue reading NRx: What it is and Isn’t

Overton Bubble

The Overton Bubble If two factions won’t talk, war is inevitable. If the elite mainstream won’t open to dialogue and understanding with the outside, and the outside doesn’t make good-faith attempts to engage with the intellectual mainstream, the intellectual-political landscape will divide, and we will get civil war. The conclusion of Warg’s article may not… Continue reading Overton Bubble

The ‘Zen’ of NRx

Conventions everywhere are being challenged: The first amendment. Democracy. Civil rights. An this dissent transcends political lines, as both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ (and the many variants in between) realize that these conventions are either ineffective, incomplete, or, worse, are part of the problem. The ‘status quo’ presupposes all 20-30 somethings are only interested… Continue reading The ‘Zen’ of NRx

Individualism vs. the State

From Social Matter The End Of Atomistic Individualism: A Theory On Who You Are The purpose of this thought experiment is an attempt to formulate a new, sustainable, non-atomistic understanding of the concept of individualism. Modern individualism, as a product of the Enlightenment, has the function of isolating and alienating individuals from God, society, and… Continue reading Individualism vs. the State

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

From Thomas Barghest of Social Matter Where Did It All Go Wrong?, in which he gives an exhaustive historical recitation of the ‘history of decay’, beginning with the 20th century and ending, surprisingly, with the literal formation of the universe. It’s more of a history lesson than an action plan or a rallying cry (descriptive… Continue reading Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Alt Right & NRx: End Game and Action Plans

A common criticism of NRx (and for this post I’m assuming NRx is distinct from the ‘alt right’) is that it pontificates too much and has no ‘action plan’, unlike the ‘alt right’, which is ‘action-orientated’. This criticism reflects a misunderstanding of NRx, because NRx actually does have plans, but rather they tend to be… Continue reading Alt Right & NRx: End Game and Action Plans