Why Choose Pacifism

Pacifism is not about giving up or conceding – it’s about perspective, in picking and choosing your battles wisely, as well as maximizing one’s present situation with the resources at his or her disposal. The failure of conservatism over the past 40 years to halt–let alone reverse–leftism, is evidence of the failure of activism as a means for effecting change. Activism plays into the hands of our foes. This doesn’t mean pacifism is the best approach, but it’s better than what has already been done. Marx, who didn’t do anything anything besides create the intellectual groundwork for an ideology that proved so maleficent that even Satan was probably impressed, is evidence of the power of ideas over action. It can be hard to accept pacifism, because of how history is conventionally portrayed (in school, TV, books, and media), in that that battles and other pivotal events are led by ‘great men’ (such as George Washington), who get all the attention, in a vacuum separate from the underling philosophies that motivate such action and ‘greatness’.