Advice to Ignore

The worst types of people are those who pretend to have your best interests and then spread bad advice either unintentionally or mistakenly, but usually for their own profit and or self-aggrandizement. 1. “Sell your stocks! The US economy is doomed!” Every single doom and gloom prediction since 2008 has been wrong: -predictions of double… Continue reading Advice to Ignore

NRx Concepts: A Review

Here is an summary of NRx, from the comments of neo-reaction is in opposition to the Cathedral. possibly it is against the decay of what Walter Russell Mead calls “The Blue Model.” One workable stab at defining the commonalities of neo-reaction is that it is opposed to “The Cathedral,” whatever that is. I think… Continue reading NRx Concepts: A Review

The Trump ‘Coming Together’ Moment

"there are still two to three articles about a Trump-KKK connection for every single Klansman in the world." — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 19, 2016 Ann Coulter tweeted a link to Scott’s hugely viral article YOU ARE STILL CRYING WOLF about how the left’s fears and suppositions of Trump being an extremist with KKK-ties,… Continue reading The Trump ‘Coming Together’ Moment

Carrier Deal and Govt. Boeing Contracts are Not the Same Thing

Mike recently put out a Periscope defending Trump’s Carrier deal and equating the Carrier deal with govt. Boeing contracts, both as being ‘cronyism’, and that it’s hypocritical of National Review to attack Carrier and Trump but defend Boeing. Mike’s argument initially seemed convincing, but then I thought about it deeper. As I explained a few… Continue reading Carrier Deal and Govt. Boeing Contracts are Not the Same Thing

Corporatism with Nationalism

The Carrier deal shows a big problem with Trump’s approach to the presidency As noted by Vox, there are several problems: It doesn’t save many jobs relative to the total that may be lost due to outsourcing. Because the president is directly intervening, it has elements of crony capitalism. It requires large taxpayer-funded incentives to… Continue reading Corporatism with Nationalism

Trump’s Foreign Policy Milestone

Added an email subscription widget to have updates sent to your inbox. A few weeks before the 2016 US presidential election, I made two predictions: Trump becoming president would not hurt the US economy and stock market much, contrary to the research ‘reports’ disseminated by the liberal media that predicted a major and immediate recession… Continue reading Trump’s Foreign Policy Milestone

NRx: What it is and Isn’t

There has been a lot of downtime for the past 24 hours…sorry for inconvenience On developing political theory and organisations, or how to get shot in the head and chucked in a canal like Rosa Luxemberg It’s evident RF believes Nick land is inimical to NRx, probably as part of the long-standing schism between techno-commercialism… Continue reading NRx: What it is and Isn’t

Alt-Right War of Words

Not two weeks after Trump’s historic victory, which should have emboldened the alt-right, does pettiness, virtue signaling, and ego threaten to tear it apart. It all began with some Roman salutes at an NPI conference, which got picked up by major media outlets like Huffington Post and The Atlantic. And then began the in-fighting. Info… Continue reading Alt-Right War of Words

Was Charles Darwin Slow-Witted?

This story went viral: The Darwinian Guide to Overachieving your IQ Darwin, however, was not a man of pure intellect. He was not Issac Newton, or Richard Feynman, or Albert Einstein — breezing through complex mathematical physics at a young age. Darwin and the aforementioned names were in totally different fields, Darwin being biology/anthropology and the others… Continue reading Was Charles Darwin Slow-Witted?