Reaction, Pacifism, and Realism

On this blog there are posts about economics and finance, which falls under ‘lifestyle and investing’ but from a reactionary-realist perspective. The idea of reactionary realism is to be cognizant of reality without engaging in too much, yet participating at the same time, but still holding out for something better, within reason. One neither pushes… Continue reading Reaction, Pacifism, and Realism

The Left’s Favorite Books, Debunked

At the end of the post Understanding the far-left, I dismissed much of the left’s work on social science as ‘flimsy science’. The far-left tends to blame environment for inequality, because biological differences, such as IQ, that may engender inequality less tractable to state intervention. Stephen Jay Gould (The Mismeasure of Man) and Jared Diamond… Continue reading The Left’s Favorite Books, Debunked

Small-Government Ethno-States

Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer interviews Alex Linder: Daily Stormer Interview with Alex Linder Trigger warning: Mr. Linder is pretty extreme…more so than probably the vast majority of the alt-right…He makes Richard Spencer seem like Obama by comparison. This passage stood out: I think I’ve given you that above. I happened to drive through a… Continue reading Small-Government Ethno-States

New ‘Alts’

In addition to the alt-right, which everyone is familiar with, new ones are constantly being invented: alt-left, alt-lite, alt-White, alt-West, and even ‘alt-rino’. So here are some more that I made up: Alt-rat (rational): this blog. Combines rationalism with elements of Dark Enlightenment; agnostic/atheist; HBD; leans libertarian and or minarchist; minimal activism. Alt-trad (traditionalist): Vox… Continue reading New ‘Alts’

Wealth Creation as the New American Religion

On sites such as Hacker News, Quora, Medium, and Reddit, posts, threads, and discussions about wealth creation always go viral. Everyone is obsessed with wealth, economics, finance, and money, but why, and what does this say about society? My own take is, in the past, society was more collective–and family, civic participation, and organized religion… Continue reading Wealth Creation as the New American Religion

Nassim Tooleb Loses His Temper Again

Nassim Tooleb lost his temper again. He began by asking the difference between democracy and populism, but only asking for ‘rigorous’ explanations, which is kinda difficult given the 140-character restriction of Twitter. But people tried anyway. I am still looking for someone to give a rigorous explanation/explanation of difference between populism & democracy. Nothing yet.… Continue reading Nassim Tooleb Loses His Temper Again

HBD-Nationalism Conundrum

Let’s assume you hold a ‘populist’ view on immigration and nationalism (border control, ethno-states, etc.) but an ‘elite’ view on IQ and HBD (IQ is important, a measure of individual ‘worth’, is reliably testable, and varies between races/groups/nations, etc.). Although both of these individually may be correct, to hold both simultaneously may be logically inconsistent.… Continue reading HBD-Nationalism Conundrum