Nassim Tooleb Loses His Temper Again

Nassim Tooleb lost his temper again. He began by asking the difference between democracy and populism, but only asking for ‘rigorous’ explanations, which is kinda difficult given the 140-character restriction of Twitter. But people tried anyway.

Daniel Drezner responded by suggesting that Tooleb read up on the matter, which is good advice, to which Tooleb responded like the bully he is by calling him a fucking idiot:

Tooleb is too thin-skinned to take advice and insults and or blocks anyone whom he disagrees with. Many months ago Tooleb blocked me after I (with as much patience and kindness I could possibly convey in 140 characters) disagreed with one of his tweets. He also has a habit of misconstruing and twisting arguments.

But to answer his original tweet, democracy is a political system (albeit, a very flawed one). Populism is an ideology.

If anyone deserves to be banned from Twitter for being an asshole, it’s him. Anyone who trolls Tooleb and gets him mad, even if they are a SJW, is a friend in my book.