In Defense of the Journalistic Method

It’s easy to disparage journalists until you try to do it yourself and realize the difficulty of composing and conveying a generally cogent, thoughtful yet enticing argument in 1000-1500 words to an audience that has high expectations, that isn’t total crap or mean-spirited and abrasive. When you read a professionally-done article, you may leave disagreeing… Continue reading In Defense of the Journalistic Method

Professional vs. Amateur Writing

Inspired by Vox Day’s post The IQ Delta Most writing guides focus on the writing process, such as developing a writing habit, not the quality of the writing itself. No amount of persistence, positive affirmations, or word counts will help if the writing itself is no good. The amateur is taken aback by criticism; the… Continue reading Professional vs. Amateur Writing

The Trump ‘Coming Together’ Moment

"there are still two to three articles about a Trump-KKK connection for every single Klansman in the world." — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 19, 2016 Ann Coulter tweeted a link to Scott’s hugely viral article YOU ARE STILL CRYING WOLF about how the left’s fears and suppositions of Trump being an extremist with KKK-ties,… Continue reading The Trump ‘Coming Together’ Moment