Sharing Economy Dying? Debunking Hype

Good riddance, gig economy: Uber, Ayn Rand and the awesome collapse of Silicon Valley’s dream of destroying your job The problem with Salon articles (and to a lesser extent, Slate) is that there is often a substantial mismatch between the headline, which is often sensationalist, and the rest of the article, and or the argument… Continue reading Sharing Economy Dying? Debunking Hype

Intellect: The Universal Solvent

In late December 2015, Scott Alexander’s How Bad Are Things article went massivly viral, with accolades from both right-wing and left-wing communities and forums, which got me (and others) thinking about how Scott is consistently able to transcend the left/right bulwark. Normally, people write articles for a specific audience or clique in mind, and spillovers… Continue reading Intellect: The Universal Solvent

The Alt Right

From Radix Journal: WHAT IS THE #ALTRIGHT? The big-tent alt-right includes identitarians and archeofuturists, race realists and HBD bloggers, European New Right (ENR), shitlords, neo-reaction (NRx) and reaction (Rx), trad Christians, neo-pagans, white nationalists, PUAs, etc. (Note, these groups are not mutually exclusive. For example, an alt-righter might consider himself an identitarian and race realist.)… Continue reading The Alt Right

Better or Worse?

Two contrasting viewpoints: Pessimistic: The Truly New Year Optimistic: Financial Fridays: The Stock Market is Bullshit New inventions and technologies would outpace the demand for those commodities so that as we needed their functionality more, the prices would fall. Think about computers: your price per speed and functionality in your computer has gone down every… Continue reading Better or Worse?

An Army of Fact Checkers: How Reddit (and social media) is Destroying the SJW Narrative

Scott ponders how online reporting of science can be improved. Maybe a solution is to ‘crowdsource’ the peer review through social media such as Reddit, putting all these smart users to use to do the fact-checking the mainstream media is otherwise too lazy or incompetent to do – in fact, that already is happening. Pretty… Continue reading An Army of Fact Checkers: How Reddit (and social media) is Destroying the SJW Narrative

How the Liberal Media is Always Wrong

We’re all dreaming the same dream that someone or something will break the monotony, and maybe that’s why Trump, who is perceived as a renegade in a world of ‘politics as usual’, is so popular. He’s like the Right’s version of Obama, bearing ‘change’, although more competent than Obama. You’re not missing out on anything… Continue reading How the Liberal Media is Always Wrong

Understanding Comes Before Change

America, it’s economy, and the news cycle is still in auto-pilot mode since early 2014 or so, going nowhere at a 1000 miles an hour. Everyone in the media wants crisis and mayhem, for ratings and clicks and page views, but the few crisis that come (such as the France attack) are short-lived, leaving the… Continue reading Understanding Comes Before Change