An Indebted Generation

From the WSJ: Congratulations to Class of 2014, Most Indebted Ever As we wrote yeterday, although a college degree is an important factor for lifetime success, not everyone is suited for higher education. Misguided policy by well-intentioned individuals has encumbered millions of low-aptitude students with debt and little hope of graduating. The problem developing is… Continue reading An Indebted Generation

The Smartist Era

IQ, race/HBD (human bio-diversity), economics, and education. These ‘four horsemen’ are indispensable, inseparable, inescapable and are more relevant than ever in the 21st century. For example, trying to fix education boils down to understanding that the IQ gap between individuals or different groups is a possible contributing factor to the achievement gap. Education ties in… Continue reading The Smartist Era

Some Thoughts on IQ and Eugenics

As quoted by Marginal Revolution poster, So Much for Subtlety: But that is the difference between the old fashioned British-origin American Establishment and its Radical heirs. The Old School believed in their own values, especially things like academic freedom and the importance of public debate. Which is why they did nothing to stop the Hard… Continue reading Some Thoughts on IQ and Eugenics

The Liberal War on Experts

The dow is at another record high -a bull market of over five years with no signs of slowing. This would make it the second longest bull market ever, behind only the 1991-1998 one. We’ve been bullish every day of this bull market and we see no reason to change our position. In fact, present… Continue reading The Liberal War on Experts

Some Thoughts on Wealth Inequality and the Elite

Taki Magazine publishes articles that it thinks its readers will enjoy- usually a mix of libertarian and conservative themes. Many readers identify as ideologically conservative regarding things like cultural traditions, religion, family, guns, and border control – but with the notable exception of capitalism – where some more often than not, are in agreement with… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Wealth Inequality and the Elite

The Daily View: Interest Rates, Healthcare, and Sticky Wages

Mortgage rates defy forecasts The world is awash with liquidity. We’ve been saying that since 2011.The smallest hiccup creates a huge flight to safety into safe havens like U.S. treasuries, even as stocks keep rising or the fed begins tapering. Ashok Rao writes Wealth Inequality: Signal or Noise? In the mean time, I would rather… Continue reading The Daily View: Interest Rates, Healthcare, and Sticky Wages