Anti-SJW Has Gone Mainstream

From Imgur and Reddit, both of these anti-SJW, pro-men’s rights pictures below went viral, each getting over 5,000 shares and hundreds of comments in support. It’s not like being anti-SJW, pro-men’s rights is on the fringe; no, it’s now mainstream. In just two years we’ve seen a 180 transition – from the SWJs controlling the narrative to completely losing it. Outside of a handful of sites like Gawker, Huffington Post and NYT, the SWJs are a threatened species, or possibly extinct. Outside of their insular bastions of liberalism, they have virtually no support. Reddit and 4chan are much more representative of the general population than the NYT, whose readership is mostly geriatric liberals. Once these old liberals die off, they will be replaced by a new Reaganite ‘revolution’ of young, smart conservatives and libertarians who are rebuking liberalism. There is reason for hope.

Gender Equality

As a heternormative cisgendered male that is literal human trash, this is the greatest accomplishment I can hold myself to. You could say I’m ‘self taught’ in this regard!