The Pursuit of the Truth

By in large, Ivy League students are smarter in terms of IQ and SAT scores than students from no-name schools. As much as the left whines about cronyism and nepotism in the Ivy League, dull kids typically don’t get into those schools, period (although of course many smart kids don’t go to the Ivy League). Only a tiny, tiny percentage of admissions are legacies and unlike the Harvard of the 30’s, the vast majority of students come from the middle class. They even have very generous financial aid, but the left still wants to believe the Ivy League is an old boy network because the left will never accept that some people are biologically better than others, so they look for environmental excuses (money, cronyism, noepotism) to explain away individual exceptionalism. Like STEM majors, Ivy Leage graduates are more valuable people, and many of them become the technology and business leaders of tomorrow, which goes against the liberal ideal of egalitarianism. The left wants to believe the Ivy League is worthless and or that non-STEM majors are just as important as STEM – not true. I would also lump economics and finance into STEM since both of those majors involve advanced math, have a lot of prestige, and pay well? Speaking of prestige, a Reddit ask-me-anything by three female computer scientists form MIT got a whopping 3,000 comments in just a few hours – more comments and up-votes than even A-list celebrities. Had they been three female SJWs from a no-name school, the post would have been down-voted to oblivion because of the post-2013 backlash against welfare liberalism, with heaps of insults in the comment section. Or if they have been three female psychology majors from a no-name school, there would have been hardly any response. See what happened is up until around 2013 the SJWs had the upper-hand, but then with the 40% 2013-2014 rise in the stock market, combined with a social shift towards neoliberalism and neo conservatism, the SJWs are losing. It also doesn’t help that they fabricate stories (Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax), defend child molesters (Lena Dunham), defame a legendary entertainer beloved by millions (Bill Cosby), attack gamers (Gamergate) or attack a brilliant scientist (Shirtgate). With scientific rationalism making a huge surge since 2013, the SJWs method of lies and outbursts of emotion have become ineffective; everyone sees through the crap, to put it bluntly. People who originally voted for Obama or are apolitical are against Rolling Stone. The good news is Rolling Stone, like the rest of the liberal media, is becoming irrelevant and soon to be extinct. To paraphrase a smart person, anyone who has a future and is smart is not reading Rolling Stone. As opposed to the sentimental and sensationalist MSM, the smartest generation gets the unvarnished truth from sites like Reddit, 4chan, ycombinator (Hacker News) or Pornhub – sites that care more about the pursuit of knowledge and empiricism than disseminating lies dressed up as news stories and opinions (like how smart people are irrational or how IQ is not important) that affirm pre-existing liberal beliefs, but are otherwise completely wrong (wrong about how IQ is not important). On Reddit and 4chan, for example, it’s not taboo to write that Martin Luther King was an adulterer and that Mahatma Gandhi slept nude with 12-year-old girls; in fact, such comments are welcomed because the pursuit of the truth is does not always lead one down the path of political correctness, and the MSM on both the left and the right is suppressing this discomforting information about our most ‘beloved’ heroes, much like how zealots and fanatics whitewash history.