Being A Liberal…

…means pretending to be ‘pro-science’, yet being offended by the science that shows IQ is important and congenital.

…means being offended by the economic reality that maybe some people, by virtue of their intelligence, contribute more to the economy than others and are hence more ‘valuable’.

…means believing that wasteful government spending can reverse problems that are ultimately biological in nature.

…means wasting tax taxpayer dollars on individuals, that by virtue of bad genes, who provide a low ROI.

…means believing in evolution and Darwinism – but in reverse (survival of the un-fittest).

…means being anti-MGTOW, anti-gamergate, anti-nerd culture, pro misandry.

…means creating fake rape stories or believing the people who create them.

…means believing that you can grow an economy by spreading the wealth from the most productive, useful members of society to the least.

…means believing that web 2.0, Bay Area real estate, Silicon Valley and stocks are a bubble, that the market is rigged, and the fed – not fundamentals – is the reason for the economy doing so well.

…means reveling in the failure of the successful.

…means opposing modernity, wanting society and the economy to regress.

…means hating Uber (liberals really hate this company, maybe more so than Starbucks and Walmart).

…means believing that men and women are cognitively equal, that the differences between the sexes are only manifested in physical appearance, not cognitive capacity.

…means wanting Wall St. to fail, blaming bankers – not regulation and delusional homeowners – for the 2008 financial problem.

…means taking out tons of student loan debt to major in a worthless subject, then later calling college a scam and a bubble to justify your failure to take personal responsibility, poor decision making, and low IQ.

…means not appreciating the value of STEM, particularly computer science, quantitative finance, theoretical physics, and mathematics.

…means dismissing String Theory as being un-testable and hence useless.

…means wanting to discontinue the SAT, or turning the SAT from an IQ test to a ‘general knowledge test’.

…means complaining about student loan debt being too high, yet opposing programs such as workplace cognitive screening that could replace costly diplomas.

…means whining about foreigners buying US debt and buying expensive real estate

…means whining about MIT, Caltech and the Ivy League as being insular and elitist; whining about foreigners flocking to these most prestigious institutions of higher learning.

…means predicting that wealth inequality and wage stagnation will cause the economy to fail, despite always being wrong and evidence that shows that the US economy is doing just fine despite record wealth inequality.

…means denying American economic, cultural, and foreign policy exceptionalism.

…means believing in the BS espoused by the likes of Malcom Gladwell and crap like the 10,000 hour rule.

…means predicting doom & gloom for the US economy, stock market (and always being wrong).

…means denying that Silicon Valley is the epitome of a meritocracy, that rewards high-IQ and hard work more so than anywhere else in the world.

…means believing that America and capitalism are in decline/dead.

…means predicting doom and gloom for China (and always being wrong).

…means wanting the stock market to fall.

…means believing that everyone is born equal…and should die equal.

Smart people are less offended by biological reality than the dull liberals who cling to their dying worldviews, who await in vain for the economy to fail so that smart, rich people lose money.